Here’s an illustration I just happen to have already finished to enter in the blue category this week. Obviously, it’s blue. Plus, I’m feeling pretty blue today because I had to put my dog to sleep this morning. She was a great friend for 15 years and a real sweetheart. I like this illustration because it shows a boy having a great time with his own doggie friend. If you have a dog or cat, give them an extra hug today.


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  1. Charming ilustration but I’m so sorry about your dog. My own geriatric pooch will be 15 next month. I have to shove her up the stairs now but her attitude is still fantastic.

  2. Excellent piece, and you have my condolences, Debbie. Please read my tribute to my folks’ dog, Hannah, who passed away a little more than 3 years ago ( I also must recommend the book entitled Dogs Never Lie About Love. It will most surely leave a tear in your eye, and give you terrific insight into the minds of canines. For example, besides humans, dogs are the only animals to exhibit REM dream sleep.

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