Monthly Archives: January 2006

Happy Birthday to me!


Yesterday was my birthday! My silly sister sent me this card she made. I think I look rather fetching in that green bra, don’t you? ha-ha! Today, I received a great birthday gift – a freelance illustration job! My very first. This could be my year. 39 will kick @$$!


IF – Cats


Here is an illustration I created for portfolio class. It goes along with the one I posted for “blue” last month. They are postcards for a fictional animal shelter. I like the cat in this one, so I thought I would post. I may post a new illustration later in the week after I put my thinking cap on. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments on the previous posts. I love reading them and I definitely love looking at everyone’s work. Ya’ll inspire me. Illustration Friday is great!

IF – E is for "eating"


Here is a drawing I created in Photoshop of my new dog, Buddy. He loves to eat. Normally, I do my artwork in Illustrator, but have been told by many that they love Photoshop even more so I thought I would give it a try. Here’s my first attempt. Not bad for a first try, but still needs some work, I think. Drawing doggies is always fun!

IF – Sea


I haven’t posted with Illustration Friday in over a month, so it feels really good to post. I was almost finished on Tuesday and then got distracted by the new dog we adopted Tuesday night. When I thought of sea, my thoughts were of the Dallas World Aquarium that has lots of interesting sea creatures — behind glass. That’s how I like ’em. ha-ha