IF – Cats


Here is an illustration I created for portfolio class. It goes along with the one I posted for “blue” last month. They are postcards for a fictional animal shelter. I like the cat in this one, so I thought I would post. I may post a new illustration later in the week after I put my thinking cap on. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments on the previous posts. I love reading them and I definitely love looking at everyone’s work. Ya’ll inspire me. Illustration Friday is great!


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  1. Love the cat’s “facial” expression!!At first I misread what you wrote and thought you were putting your thinking “cat” on… I might have to see where that image takes me. Thanks for the illo and inspiration.

  2. Thanks everyone! You’re all so sweet. Doodle thoughts – yes, I created this in Illustrator. I’m much more comfortable with Illustrator than Photoshop. I definitely need more practice with Photoshop.

  3. Love the cat. You’ve really captured the catness of a sleeping creature. Also love the E is for eating from last week. Your dog has a definite personality. It makes me wish that there were a whole story about him. More!

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