New year, new me!


Okay, time for business. It’s been months since I’ve posted to this blog. I’ve been busy working as an art director on a series of educational children’s books and having a great time. I’ve been working with a ton of brilliant illustrators and learning a lot from them. It has been a great experience in 2006! But, sadly, my contract is up soon as we are sending all the books to the printer. I’ll miss all the folks I’ve been working with and I’ll miss the constant creativity around me. The good news is that means it’s time for me to take what I have learned and pursue my own dream of becoming a working illustrator. No more hiding behind the security of the art director role and putting off my dreams. Time to polish up my new portfolio and create some fun art.

So, one way to keep me motivated and on track is to post on this blog. I love reading other blogs. Some of my favorites are from Janee Trasler, Roz Fulcher, Holli Conger, Dani Jones, Anette Wynlen, Guy Francis and Steve Mack. I love how everyone shares their art and how they got to be where they are today. They inspire me.

Other than spending more time exercising & eating healthy, my new year’s resolution for 2007 is to be brave and pursue my dream. I need to create new samples and send them out. I need to stop thinking I’ll be unemployed after the art director gig is up – after all, I’ll be working as an illustrator and I need to work hard at it. Go me!

(Insert theme song from “Rocky” here.)


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