Happy Birthday to Me!


Yesterday was my birthday. The big 4-0! Quite a milestone and I’m thrilled to have made it this far. Hope for 40 more years at least. This fancy little 40 was created by my friends at work, who decided to hang black balloons and skulls around my desk. ??? I’m just happy they remembered. (I changed the color a bit for a happier 40 feeling!)
Actually, it was probably the most festive birthday I have had in years. Maybe since grade school! My friends gave me great books, took me to lunch and pretty much made a fuss over me for days. Can’t beat that – I am one lucky gal!
Tomorrow is my last day on my contract job, but I have already lined up a freelance illustration assignment. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s funny, but last year on this same date I got a freelance job too and then 2 weeks later I was hired as an art director. Strange, huh?! I think my spirit guides must be looking after me.

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