Monthly Archives: December 2007

Merry Christmas!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s a little illustration I created for my promo postcards this year. I have no idea what a real sugarplum is, but I imagine that when they dance in someone’s head, they like to really get down & get jiggy wit it! 🙂 Go Sugarplums! May ya’ll have visions of jiggy sugarplums as well. Have an awesome 2008 too!


IF: Backwards


Here’s a quickie for the IF topic Backwards. In the poultry timeline, I am always confused by which came first. Was it really the egg or could it have been the chicken? I may be getting them backwards. And who knows when the nugget made it’s way onto the scene. Could have been way before the chicken OR the egg since it might not actually contain either of them!

IF: Little Things


Here’s another version of a design I printed on a wooden tray for a craft fair. I thought I would try it out in my usual medium – Adobe Illustrator. The paint was fun, but this was a lot less stressful! I like the little bird and since we’re all gearing up for Christmas, I couldn’t help but post it for the “Little Things” IF theme. You gotta imagine that snowmen look forward to a visit from a birdie friend once in a while. It must be lonely standing outside in the cold all day!

Real paint!

Wow! I actually used real paint to complete a few projects. I painted 2 serving trays and an enormous shelf to sell at a fundraiser for the preschool that I work at. It was a lot of fun to get out the paints & brushes, but kind of stressful because I’m used to moving things around and changing things easily with my digital work! Always good to bring a little challenge into life and try something different for a change. Hope these make big bucks for the preschool!