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Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my 41st birthday! Hurray! I guess most people don’t get excited about birthdays after a while, but I still do. I’m not ashamed to say I’m 41 cause I think it’s pretty darn great (and WAY better than the alternative!). Any day you are encouraged to eat cake is worth celebrating!

My sister, Marge, (the same one I mentioned earlier who CONSTANTLY teased me at the grocery store over Little Debbie Cupcakes) is an amazing artist. She can paint beautiful portraits and also make crazy little linoleum-cut critters. I don’t know how she does it. I asked her to “make me some art” for my office as my birthday present, and here is the print she sent me. Marge says he is the old moon man who is angry with the sun for waking him up. He would have been perfect for the IF tails & legends theme this week! I love the colors and think he’s pretty funny. Reminds me of myself when someone wakes me up too early – minus the goatee, thank you very much.

Now, ya’ll go have a big ol’ slab of cake to help me celebrate my 41 years! mmmmm, cake!


Giddy with inspiration!


In a few days, I’m turning 41 and for most of my life I have had the dream of becoming a children’s author/illustrator. It’s something I visualize and really feel inside – I am an author/illustrator. However, the reality is that I have never actually had a book published. I’m working on my craft and moving in the right direction, but that moment hasn’t arrived yet where I have a book contract for either writing or illustrating. It can be pretty darn disturbing to be nearing 41 and still not achieving the goal. Patience is not my strong point, but fortunately my stubborness is. I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite illustrators are posting about their goals/themes for 2008. Mine is to take a risk and never give up. I’ve got to put myself out there even more to achieve my dreams. I tend to be quiet, so I guess I need to draw more attention to my work to get noticed. I pray it doesn’t take until I’m 90 before I break into the publishing world, but I’ll hang in there no matter what.

Little fact for ya’ll . . . I’m a children’s book geek. I’m in awe of those of you who have made it into the inner circle of the publishing world. I’m sure you possess some sort of magical powers or the Universe has selected you as extra special. I get a little star-struck when I meet real life authors and illustrators. You’re living my dream.

So, imagine how amazing it was for me to meet one of my favorite authors, Bruce Hale! He writes those hilarious Chet Gecko mysteries. I’m a huge fan and I think Chet Gecko is perfect in every way. Seriously, the first time I read one I thought to myself, “Damn! Why didn’t I think of this?!” Anyway, if you haven’t read one, my next question is “What chu waitin’ fo?” Bruce Hale came to speak at my SCBWI chapter today on the topic of writing humor. Very educational and inspirational too! And you know, he’s just really nice, funny & a very normal guy! (I’m still convinced he has magical publishing powers though!) He told me that he found his agent by hearing him speak at an SCBWI meeting, submitted a story and was signed for a 3-book contract. Wow! I really got a big boost today from talking to my fellow SCBWI friends and from meeting Bruce (dare I call him “Bruce” and not Mr. Hale???? hee hee). My head is pounding with excitement to write and illustrate. Just the thing I needed! I’m inspired, determined and more than stubborn enough to be in it for the long haul. And you know what, I’m thinking that may be the magic it takes to break into the inner circle of publishing!

IF: Stitch


Down to the wire, but here’s my submission for IF’s stitch theme. Time constraints kept me from adding more to the scene, but I think I’ll come back to it when I can. Inspired by all the illustrators who post pictures of their “softies” – I don’t know how ya’ll find the time to illustrate and sew adorable critters! This little girl just loves her little stitched teddybear. (Maybe she bought it from your etsy shop!)

Happy New Year!


It’s a new year and I decided I needed to revamp the ol’ blog. I created a new banner and changed the name of my blog to Little Deb’s Doodlings. The old name, Little Debbie’s Cupcakes, wasn’t working for me. It sounded like I was into cooking/baking and I definitely am not. I love to eat, of course, but I hate to cook and any baking I do requires a box mix. I would rather draw cupcakes than bake them . . . but eating them is really the best of the three.

I have always been called Little Debbie . . . ever since I was little. My sister used to tease me about the Little Debbie Cupcake girl because I thought she was creepy with her Shirley Temple hair and dimples. Strange, I know. Every time we went to the grocery store with our mom, my sister would say, “Oh look, there’s Little Debbie. Little Debbie Cupcakes!” Okay, for that reason alone, it was a good idea to change the blog name. What was I thinking when I started a blog???

Anyway, I’m looking forward to 2008 and the chance to work on lots of fun art projects. Good health, happiness and success to my fellow bloggers. Cheers!