It snowed, ya’ll!


Check it out! Snow in Texas twice in one week! Tuesday we had snow overnight and we woke up to this scene of winter white. Today, it started snowing around noon, and by 2pm people were frantically picking their kids up early from school! I’m originally from MI, so I have lived with big snow – but I never enjoyed it. Not a cold weather type of gal. I like Texas snow because it’s always white, doesn’t stay longer than a day and is magical to see. It’s old news when you see snow every day in Michigan! I called my family in MI today, and I don’t think they were as impressed as I was that we had snow. (“Oh big whoop-dee-doo, you have snow. We can’t get rid of this $h*+!” Okay, so they didn’t really say that. But I guess it’s like when we have temps over 100 for 6 weeks straight and they finally have 85 degrees at the end of July. Not impressed.)

My kids had a great time having snowball fights and building forts with the neighbors, although we’re all quite unprepared. Who buys snow boots when the odds of actually having snow are so slim?

Fortunately for my boys, I loathe being cold and make sure they always have a winter coat, hat and gloves that fit! (My son is the one on the right – warm & cozy.) I’m like an old grandma, “Go put on a sweatah, you’ll catch a cold!” “But, Mom, it’s 60 degrees!” “I know! Brrrrrrrr.”

My dog, Buddy, loved the snow (and yes, I wish he had a sweater too). He ran around trying to eat the big flakes falling like cotton candy from heaven. I tried to take a picture of Buddy actually eating the snow, but he just looked like some crazy, rabid Cujo. Yikes! Not a pretty sight!

So, tomorrow it will be back to business as usual. The snow will melt, and by the weekend people will be out golfing and looking for an excuse to wear shorts. All that will remain of the big Texas snowstorms of ’08 will be snapshots, soggy sneakers, & muddy yards. That’s okay. Underneath the melting snow, the trees and the daffodils are in bloom. Summer is coming. Yeehaw!


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