Monthly Archives: April 2008

IF: Save


Here’s a little sketch I completed from bed today. I can totally relate to this guy. He just had his appendix out and brought it in for show-n-tell. I had my appendix out Wednesday after an emergency trip to the hospital Tuesday night. I’m happy to be home, and recovering nicely, but I definitely didn’t ask to save my appendix. It would have been a creepy addition to my office shelf. The teacher, Mrs. Flores, is a little nod to the lady in room 7 (I was in room 6) who the hospital staff mistook me for when they wheeled me all the way upstairs and then back down to the ER when they realized their mistake. Thank God they noticed when they did or Mrs. Flores & I could have been in serious trouble!! Hopefully, when I can sit up for longer periods, I will finish this up in color. Back to my lair for a pain pill and rest. Have a healthy & happy day.