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21 Day Challenge – Day 15



21 Day Challenge – Day 14


I’m getting very sloppy with this challenge, aren’t I!?! The idea wasn’t to do the 21 day challenge spread out over 50 days! Oh well, I’m making the rules on my challenge, so there. Here’s Day 14’s submission. This poor girl is seconds from falling into something messy – a big bowl of ice cream, I think. (use your imagination folks – whatever that thing is supposed to be, it won’t be fun to fall into!)

21 Day Challenge – Day 13


Here we are heading into the Memorial Day weekend, so I thought I would sketch something a bit patriotic. Plus, my preschool class finished up today and performed a few songs for their parents at graduation – “Grand Old Flag”, “God Bless America”. Of course, this sketch isn’t really true to how it went down. This is more of a fantasy picture. In reality the girl got poked in the head by the flag the boy next to her was violently waving, I’m sure there was some nose-picking, and then there was a child or two who didn’t actually sing. Maybe I better re-do this one and add some drama! 🙂 All in all, they did a fabo job, and I’m going to miss those booger-heads this summer. (And I meant that in the nicest of ways. hee-hee)

21 Day Challenge – Day 12


Here’s a little girl I saw at my son’s orthodontist appointment today. She had the cutest little pigtails sprouting from the top of her head. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and tried to do her justice. Tomorrow I might try to draw her in several different poses. It was a good challenge for me, since I tend to sketch big-eyed zany people and not sweet little girls. Could be a reflection of my own personality. Note to self . . . challenge yourself to tap into inner-sweetness. hee-hee.

21 Day Challenge – Day 10


Although it looks as if I actually skipped the challenge this weekend, I really didn’t. Honest! I just didn’t post any of my sketches. (Not that I think there was someone out there in a deep depression because they didn’t see my sketches!) I’ve been working on my next promo piece, and didn’t want to post it yet. Still having a great time with the challenge. I may have to keep it up every day!

21 Day Challenge – Day 9


Alien Sighting By Giant Man! Okay, here is another weird man of mine. At first I was going to make him eating a cupcake (his big chompers are ready), and then I saw the look of panic on his face! “Dude, what’s zup?”, I asked. ZIP! An alien appears, and I understood giant man’s fear.

No need to panic though, dude. Me thinks he’s a friendly alien!!