Monthly Archives: June 2008

Day 21/21


Slow it down, Dude! (and WHERE is your helmet?)

Okay, so I’ve made it through the 21 day challenge, even though it took me twice as long. The last image was stressing me out because I thought it should be something stupendous, but in the end, I just decided to go with this crazy critter. He’s moving, there is a vehicle (and I normally don’t draw bikes or cars), and he’s not a dog or a kid . . . so, that is a challenge compared to my normal sketches. Ta-da!


Day 20/21


I don’t know, I think this kid is related to Stewie from Family Guy. Or maybe it’s just the lemon head. I was watching a new cartoon called Flapjack with my kids yesterday and the character had a big curl on his forehead that I liked. From there, these sketches popped. I watch a lot of cartoons. I love all the characters with big eyes. Phineas & Ferb, Family Guy, Flapjack, Simpsons, Chowder, and Camp Lazlo are my favorites.

Day 19/21


She’s a little earthy, (she also reminds me of a mime – could be those cheeks) and she loves her kitty, Jinx. I notice that I never draw any real girlie-girls. That is so not me. Actually, this girl is exactly like me! I probably have more sneakers than any other type of shoe, and I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. Plus, I love all animals – except rats & spiders. One day, I’d like to live on a few acres and have 4 dogs, a couple cats (even though my husband is horribly allergic to them) and wild bunnies running around. I’d leave the rat-race of suburbia behind and plant tiny seeds of corn that would “shoost” up into the sky. (Wait, do you hear the “Green Acres” theme song?)

Day 18/21


Here’s a guy I thought up while at the dentist’s office today. I really hate going to the dentist. Dr. Todd is a great guy, and pretty darn cute too, but the whole process of having the hygentist lady poking around my mouth with that horrible metal pointy thing is irritating (literally!). So, there I was, trying not to get freaked out by the taste of blood from all that poking, and I started to wonder how & why someone decides to go into dentistry. Who would want to work in someone’s mouth every day? That’s some nasty stuff! I wondered, “Did Dr. Todd watch “Rudolph” too many times as a child and idolize Herbie a bit too much? Or does he think he’s saving the world from plaque & gingivitis like some sort of super hero?” I suppose it’s a good thing we have dentists. I’m happy to report that my teeth are in great shape. Thanks, Dr. Todd, you’re my hero!

Day 17/21


I just came back from a walk with my dog, Buddy – before it gets too hot out there. Buddy is a high-energy border collie mix – he motivates me to walk faster. Some days I think it would be easier just to buy some cattle for Buddy to herd, but I don’t think my homeowner’s association would agree that cattle should live in a subdivision. For now, he’ll have to stay on top of the squirrels that invade his territory.

Day 16/21 and ALL-STARS!


Here’s a sketch I did while watching my boys practice baseball today. Last week they both tried out for the little league all-stars, and they BOTH made the team! I’m so happy! Around 32 boys tried out for the team, and only 12 made it. To have both Sean & Neil on the team is a thrill. In the past, they have each played all-stars, but never at the same time. The Meyer boys will be double-trouble this summer! 🙂 I love baseball. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten tired of watching them practice or tired of going to their games. I even love professional baseball, although I don’t watch it as often since I get my fill from little league. My dad took me to baseball games at Tiger Stadium when I was a kid growing up in Michigan. Maybe one day I’ll watch my boys play in a MLB game.