Day 18/21


Here’s a guy I thought up while at the dentist’s office today. I really hate going to the dentist. Dr. Todd is a great guy, and pretty darn cute too, but the whole process of having the hygentist lady poking around my mouth with that horrible metal pointy thing is irritating (literally!). So, there I was, trying not to get freaked out by the taste of blood from all that poking, and I started to wonder how & why someone decides to go into dentistry. Who would want to work in someone’s mouth every day? That’s some nasty stuff! I wondered, “Did Dr. Todd watch “Rudolph” too many times as a child and idolize Herbie a bit too much? Or does he think he’s saving the world from plaque & gingivitis like some sort of super hero?” I suppose it’s a good thing we have dentists. I’m happy to report that my teeth are in great shape. Thanks, Dr. Todd, you’re my hero!


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