5 Things About Deb


Okay, so most of the time, I think this blog is just me posting to myself – which will be helpful if I ever lose my memory and have to learn who I really am. So, for my future self, and for anyone who might be interested . . . here are 5 things about me.

1)I love dogs! I would have a whole pack if I could. When I was a kid, my dad would get me a dog but within a year my mom would convince him to take it to the pound because the dog was “too smelly”. (GRRRRR!) After I grew up and moved out, I rescued a beautiful collie from the shelter and had her as a friend for over 15 years. My border collie, Buddy, has been with me for 2 years so far. He’s a loveable little coo-coo nut.

2)Although I have a big celebrity crush on George Clooney & Johnny Depp, for obvious reasons, my favorite celebrity of all time is Fred Rogers. That’s right, Mr. Rogers! I loved his show as a kid and I think he was one of the nicest, most considerate guys that ever graced the earth. We need more people like Fred.

3)I love ridiculous comedies. Some of my faves: “Tommy Boy” with Chris Farley, “Talledega Nights” with Will Ferrell, “Delta Farce” with Larry the Cable Guy. A good laugh is priceless.

4)I’ve watched “Sweeney Todd” probably 25 times. I’ve lost count. I’m not sure why I like this movie, since it’s not exactly funny, but I think Johnny Depp does a brilliant job, and Helena Bonham Carter is perfect as Mrs. Lovitt. Their songs are so happy, considering what they’re up to. You just can’t help sing along! Plus, I can totally relate to Mrs. Lovitt since she cooks horribly and I hate to cook. (Did I mention that I am NOT Debbie Meyer who advertises those green bags?) I’m more of a Hamburger Helper gal, myself. I draw the line at making people-pies, even if HH comes out with a quick version!

5)I can’t remember the words to even my favorite songs. (I just realized that my memory loss might be coming quicker than anticipated. Yikes!) I wouldn’t do well on that show “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”. My kids make fun of me all the time, because I’ll either make up my own words or just sing la la la. It all works out in the end because I really don’t have a good singing voice anyway.


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  1. I read your blog. ;o)And I knew there was a reason we got on well. George and Depp….checkDogs…CheckSweeney Todd (wasn’t Depp’s singing voice fab?) … Checkand silly movies …CHECK!PS. I was so bummed to read that your son didn’t get his love’s autograph. But how cool he got so close!

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