Monthly Archives: October 2008

My Pumpkin Junkin 2008


Here’s my bizarre entry into Holli’s Pumpkin Junkin contest. I like Neil’s pumpkin better. He’s more fun. Not sure where this weirdo came from. Is he being boiled by headhunters in a caldron? Or maybe he’s a headhunter himself and just taking a bubble bath! You have to admit, he has stylish & colorful hair. He still disturbs me too much – could be the teeth, or those eyes, but he’s just too freaky for me. Egads! I’ve created a monster!! (Time to dismantle him before I have “Trilogy of Terror” flashbacks!!!!) YIKES!!!!!


Neil’s Pumpkin Junkin


Yo, Dude! It’s Halloween! Get in on the groove and junk yo-self a pumpkin! Check it out!

Here’s a rockin’ pumpkin guy that my son, Neil, created. (Check out his awesome “grillz”) He’s jammin to Guitar Hero and enjoying the groovy holiday. Hope you do too! Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: Neil won 2nd place in Holli’s contest. He’s looking forward to receiving a print of one of her junkadoodles. Way to go, Neil!!

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!


The past two days I have been researching how to market my work effectively. I don’t have my own rep or website, but I do have a page on children’s . I definitely want to step up the exposure, so I’m considering adding a page on or The Directory of Illustration. But first, I contacted a few of my artist buddies for advice. Ya’ll are just so encouraging and helpful!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your help Janee, Jannie, Andi, Eric, Holli, Rob, Bobbie, and Robyn! Hearing from all of you has given me a big rush just like I get when I attend an awesome SCBWI conference. I’m excited to get to work and send out some postcards!

If you are an illustrator who has some tips for marketing, advice, or can give a thumbs up (or down) for Picture Book or Directory of Illustration, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you haven’t read Holli’s article on living the creative dream, you really should. I always enjoy hearing about people helping others reach their goals!

More Sketches


I like to sit and doodle a lot. It makes me happy. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that I sketch a lot of floating heads – and mostly boy heads. It’s good to be able to identify these things, so I can make a conscious effort to sketch more girls (and to add moving bodies to those floating heads). Lately, I’ve been thinking it would be fun to work on one-panel cartoons. I love The Far Side and Bizarro, so it would probably be something weird like those. It’s not that easy trying to think up something funny. I wonder how cartoonists do that every day. That might be a good 21 day challenge!

Sketchbook : Conjoined men


Okay, this is a bit odd, I know. I was sketching lots of people, and ran out of space. 2 looked like they were conjoined, so I redrew them that way on purpose. (But where were they joined at? The shoulder??? They’re a bit far apart, but I guess it would be easier to walk together. This was obviously planned.) Maybe they were unhappy that their state wouldn’t allow them to get married, so they were surgically conjoined instead. Frankly, it sounds a bit drastic. Who would want to be conjoined to their spouse all day? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! How irritating!!

IF: Sugary


When I saw the IF topic of Sugary, I immediately thought of this piece. It’s an old illustration (I created it in class when I went back to get my degree in 2005), It’s not exactly my current style, but I have a warm fuzzy feeling about this guy. It was the first time I used Live trace in Adobe Illustrator CS2, I had the chance to create children’s illustration in my graphic design portfolio instead of serious business logos/brochures, and I had a lot of fun creating the whole box. It gave me hope that there were opportunities in children’s illustration. It also helps me to see how much I’ve grown as an illustrator. I haven’t illustrated an actual cereal box yet, but I’ve done a couple fantastic coloring books, and stuff for a children’s website . . . that’s pretty darn sweet!