Monthly Archives: December 2008

IF: Clandestine


No matter how or where you do it, you should always take a moment of your day to be grateful for life, good health, and this beautiful world we live in. It’s okay to do this freely, but if you’d prefer to be grateful in secret that’s okay too.

This was a page I created for an awesome coloring book called “Don’t You Wonder About This World”. It was one of my favorite pages.


IF: Voices


I have no self control around cookies. Their little voices call my name every time I walk by. I try to ignore them, really I do, but I can’t. It’s just easier to eat them all first and ask questions later!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


We’re enjoying a “snow day” today here in Texas. I don’t remember having one this early in the season, but we’ll take it. Actually, it’s more of an ice day since there isn’t actually snow on the ground. Two days ago we were walking around in short sleeves. Go figure. Bummer though because it was already my day off from preschool, AND I had planned on finishing up my Christmas shopping today. Rats!

Anyway, how awful of me for not posting anything for an entire month! Shameful! Here is my latest illustration for the Christmas mailer I sent out this year. I decided it wasn’t nice of those other reindeer to dis Rudolph like that, so I gave him a Wii and better reindeer games to play. So there, Dancer & Prancer!