Kreativ Blogger Award


Thank you, Andi for such a great honor. I’ve been a big fan of Andi’s extrodinary creativity for years. Okay, so now I need to list 7 things I love, and tag my own favorite bloggers. Of course, I love my family & friends, but, in addition to those, here are my favorites:

1)The British band Keane. If you’re on Facebook with me, you’ve seen a million of their videos already (or read about my obsession). If not, check this out:

2)Dogs. You just can’t have a bad day if you have a dog in your life. Unless they chew up something you love, but then it was your own fault for not putting it away in the first place!! My dogs bring me happiness every day.

3)A brand new box of Crayola Crayons. The smell, the colors, the creativity . . . gosh, they’re perfect! I once saw a video on making Crayolas. It was on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. (another one of my favorites!!) Maybe that’s why I work with preschoolers.

4)My purple & green office. After living in beige world for a few years, it was fantastic to take the spare bedroom and paint it purple and lime green and turn it into my office. I have lots of toys, stuffed animals, and silliness on every wall. It’s my own little happy place. If only it had a mini fridge – I might never leave. (well, there’s a bathroom right next to my office, so technically I would have to leave at some point, but not for long.)

5)Converse High-tops! I have 3 pair. The red, and white pairs are from high school, but I mostly wear the black high-tops I got a year ago. Recently, I was on the Dart railway and there was a little Hispanic boy sitting next to me with the same shoes. (I think he was 3 years old) I said, “Hey! Nice shoes!” He turned his head and avoided me the rest of the trip. sigh.

6)Cookies. I have a severe weakness for cookies. I have been known to eat an entire box of Thin Mints. It will all come back to haunt me during swimsuit season.

7)Accents. My favorite is an English accent. Not the proper royalty type, the Cockney accents. I’m putty. I also adore Australian accents, and French accents too. My own accent is kind of nasally. No fun. I have, however, gotten very good at my version of a Texas accent. Ya’ll have a great day.

My Kreativ Blogger award goes out to: Eric , Steffane , Bobbie, Tricia and June. I love reading other artist’s blogs. Ya’ll rock!


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