Monthly Archives: April 2009

Challenge Day 18


Here’s a very sketchy sketch I did last night while listening to my favorite band, Keane. That’s me in the middle. I love Keane. sigh. 🙂 The guy standing up was supposed to be the lead singer, Tom Chaplin, but this sketch doesn’t do him justice. Who knows who that other guy is. Bit of a love triangle, me thinks.


Challenge Day 16


I sketched this while watching a “Biggest Loser” marathon on TV. They were all old episodes, but still fun to watch. Actually, the IF theme came to mind while watching it: Impossibility. It must seem like an impossible dream for those contestants sometimes. I’m always inspired by watching them (and feeling guilty when I hear Bob & Jillian’s voice ringing in my ears when I’m eating cookies!). Their exercise routine looks grueling. I’m still stuck at whether or not I’ll be able to jump rope for more than a minute at a time. That alone is exhausting!!

Challenge Day 15


I saw something similar to this on the side of a pair of small pink Converse sneakers yesterday. It was at a fancy children’s boutique and was way over-priced. (2 year olds don’t need $80 shoes, do they?) Anyway, I love all the tattoo inspired tops & sneakers and thought to myself “How hard could it be to recreate this design myself?” This was done from memory, so I’m not sure how close I got it. Not sure I’ll paint up my own Converse anytime soon though – I love those shoes!! 🙂

IF: Fleeting


What could be more fleeting than time & money? I created this about 3 years ago, for someone who was complaining that their employees were “eating time & money” by slacking off at work. It was just a sketch that never went past the drawing stage, until today when I finished it off in Illustrator.