Deb’s learning a thang or two


Howdy Hi, kiddiewinkies. I’ve been a slug about posting, but really I have been pretty busy. I’m working on a couple new illustration jobs, and also taking some online classes. Today I took a class from David Billings AKA “Sparkyfirepants”. What a riot that man is! I’d definitely recommend his course if you are new to vector illustration and interested in learning your way around Adobe Illustrator. I work in Illustrator all the time, but even I learned quite a lot from Mr. Sparkyfirepants. 🙂 I’m going to add a button to the side of my blog, so you too can sign up for his classes, but until then, check it out here.

I’m also taking part in a teleseminar with Tara Reed (the artist, not the actress) on Tuesday, June 9th. It’s called “The Goal Wheel For Artists”. Check it out. She has a lot of awesome information about licensing on her blog too.

School’s out as of today, but I plan on spending my summer learning new illustration techniques to improve my work. This is the fun stuff to learn, I’m thankful it doesn’t involve math. (It doesn’t involve math, does it???)


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