IF: Idle


Lately, I haven’t been slowing down enough to idle. I’ve been busy painting murals at the preschool, and also remodeling my kitchen walls. (removed the wallpaper, trowled on plaster for a stucco-like texture, primed, painted 2 coats, and finally did a faux finish on top. WHEW!) It’s been a very busy month! I’ve been wanting to get back to IF though, so when I was taking a break the other day, I sat down and sketched a couple of things that remind me of the word idle. There I am relaxing and watching TV, and then there is the Tin Man when he rusted out in the rain. He was definitely in idle mode there. I doubt I’ll even get a chance to finish these off in color before Friday, but soon. Taking a moment out to idle sounds awfully nice right now!


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  1. Hi Debbie,Your Tin Man is super cute. I love all the art on your blog! Especially you're Sweeney Todd picture, that one is my very very very favorite!Dianap.s. thanks for the nice comments on my blog, btw. I'm glad you found me which helped me find you!

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