Art Licensing


This year, I’ve been interested to learn more about art licensing. If you’d like to learn more, go to Tara Reed’s site. She has some awesome e-books that will teach you all you need to know. I’ve also listened in to several of Tara’s phone calls with experts, and taken her Goal Wheel study. Very cool to get info like this from home. You can even get copies of past calls at her site – so don’t feel bummed that you missed it! Tara’s latest tool for you is Product Mock-up Magic – a tutorial for learning how to mock up your art onto products in Photoshop. I absolutely love to have a guided tutorial that I can refer back to over & over again. I have a big binder full of Tara’s ebooks including an awesome pattern ebook. (Remember my Christmas pattern? Learned it from Tara!) Product Mock-up Magic will be a great addition!

Check it all out . . . you’ll be glad you did!

Oh, I’m also supposed to mention that if you click on these links and purchase the products, I will get a small percentage of the sale. Legal stuff, so I have to tell ya this. However, I think you’ll enjoy the products or I wouldn’t have told you about them in the first place (commission or not!).


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