RIP Andrew


copyright Debbie Meyer

This one is a little different than my usual work. It was created for myself to work through the grief of my young neighbor’s death. It’s been a month since he committed suicide, and although I am still moving back & forth between the 7 stages of grief, I choose to not dwell on what happened, how it happened or why (I can’t change any of that), but to be comforted by the fact that Andrew is now with God, in His loving arms and free of whatever pain he was feeling here on earth. From the cloud of despair & pain, he has flown into the glow of love, and joy. Those that are left behind, are still in pain over his death, but Andrew is not. My heart aches for his family and friends, but now when I think of this young man, I know he is where he was destined for – just sooner than any of us had imagined. I wish he hadn’t taken his own life. I wish he had talked to someone about this or known what it was like to lose a loved one – he wouldn’t have put others in this pain if he had known. For his soul, I am truly happy that he is experiencing the wonderful joy of God’s eternal love.


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