Taking Flight: I ROCK!


On Sunday, I started flight lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts. No, I’m not a pilot. It’s an ecourse that’s helping me spread my creative wings and fly in my own way. We’re a fun online community of artists who are all working through issues together. So far, we’re tackling fears, issues over self-worth, childhood baggage, etc. Things that make you feel stuck. One of the exercises was to declare proudly to the world who you are. Kelly suggested writing it on your body, but I decided to take a t-shirt and write it out. (I added a few more after the picture was taken – you know, I’ve always got to nit-pick until I think it’s finished.) I have a tendancy to have what I call “Chronic Eyeore Syndrome”. That’s when I start getting down on myself and pile on the negativity. My friend, Sylvia, calls me on it all the time. “Oh, there’s Eyeore again.” I’ve gotta stop that “Stinkin’ Thinkin’!!” So, I’m going to use this shirt when I workout, when I’m feeling down, and when Eyeore pops in to spoil the party. Take that, Eyeore!!


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