2010 Recap


Little Deb in the Big City!

2010 was filled with me checking off things on my goal list. I truly loved 2010!!! Here are the highlights:

*Ski trip with my family & Boyscout Troop 496 to Red River, NM (not a fan of skiing, but it was fun to spend time with my boys and have meals made by the troop.) I love that my sons & husband are so involved with Boyscouts. They are truly growing up to be amazing men – husband included. Super proud of my boys. 🙂
*Attended the National SCBWI Conference in NYC for the first time!! Actually, this was my first time in New York. (That has been a big goal for a few years now, and I really loved it.)
*Had fun playing in the snow & building a snowman with my boys. (Seriously, this was a big snow for us in North Texas!!)
*Learned a ton from Kelly Rae Roberts in her Flying Lessons class online.
*Built a huge retaining wall on the side of our house all with the help of my teenage boys. (another goal for a few years) Very proud of how it turned out! (flexing muscles over here) ^_^
*Worked with 2 different art reps on awesome projects. (Definitely made me want a rep even more)
*Finished my 4th coloring book that will come out this February, mostly while enjoying the lake & trees in Michigan during a family vacation. (God bless the person who invented the laptop!)
*Participated in Ripple, Kelly Light’s genius idea that raised almost $11,000 to help the gulf coast animals after the oil spill. (You rock, Kelly!)
*Joined Beachbody as a coach and made my health & fitness a priority. (Lost weight, gained muscle, and feel better than I have in years! Gotta love that! Wait, let me flex my muscles one more time.)
*Made lots of great new friends on Facebook & Twitter (and in real life).
*Saw Zig Ziglar on stage at the Get Motivated Seminar in Dallas (with some of my new Beachbody buds). I love Zig Ziglar, and it has been on my goal list for several years to see him in person. Didn’t get to meet him, but it was great to be in the same room listening to him speak. It’s a geeky thing, but that’s me.
*Had my t-shirt design highlighted on my favorite band’s website (I love Keane!!!)
*And probably the biggest excitement of my year, which has nothing to do with art, but makes me giddy just remembering it . . . in July I went to see Keane in concert at a small venue in Dallas. I was so close to the stage, it was amazing. Got loads of great pictures, had the time of my life, and afterward got to meet the band & have pictures taken with all 4 members! That was another goal I’ve had for a few years, even though I still can’t believe it came true. You write down “See Keane in concert & meet the band” and it sounds like an impossible dream. Well, I say nothing is impossible!

Here I am with Tom Chaplin, lead singer from Keane.

So, 2011 is almost here. Write down your goals, your impossible dreams, and believe in them. They can all happen. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you what my 2011 goals are. Happy New Year!!


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