New promo mailer

Last summer, I was going to the SCBWI conference in LA, and decided to make a dummy book with the 3 little pigs story. I didn’t like the violent endings for the wolf, so I decided to rewrite it and make it more preschool friendly. It’s a fun new twist with lessons on bullying, sharing & treating folks with respect. (without being preachy) After another round of revisions, it’s back on the drawing board & a new dummy will be finished soon & off to find a home with a publisher. (fingers crossed)  I loved those little piggies so much that I decided to use them in my latest promo postcard.
Now, here’s a little lesson for all my illustrator friends: Check, check & double check your files before sending them to a printer!! My computer is acting weird lately, and when I save a jpg for web, the colors are fine. If I export and save a high res jpg, the colors are faded. So, what do you think happened when I sent my file to print these postcards? Yep, the high res file is less saturated in color. I wasn’t at all happy with it, and asked for a reprint, but  I ended up 1,000 postcards that were not quite what I wanted. Oops. So frustrating. Printing is my least favorite. Hopefully the art directors will love my piggies in any shade of pink.
Web jpg
high res jpg
back of card


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