Monthly Archives: May 2007

IF: Signs


“Signs your fish may be in trouble.”

When I was thinking of an illustration for this theme, I was looking at store signs and actually drove by a strip mall that had 3 stores: “Boxes to Go”, followed by a pastry shop and then an actual casket store. I had a million questions: Since when do you see a casket store in a strip mall? Is the pastry shop/casket combo some sort of sign in itself? And aren’t caskets really “boxes to go” anyway? Lots of grim visuals, so I guess that’s why I came up with a dead fish this week. (Hmmm. Last week the fish was in the lemonade, so I suppose this is a sequel. hee hee) I promise he won’t be around next week – unless the theme is “flush”. 🙂




Clyde prefers his pink lemonade with ice and a slice of lemon, but sometimes he adds a goldfish for that extra little zing.

My first Illustration Friday entry in months. So proud of myself for finishing one!! My sons think this cat looks a bit “too mental”. Hey, that’s what I like best about him!!