Monthly Archives: January 2011

sleepy kitty kitty


It’s a chilly day in Texas today, so it’s a good time to snuggle up and take a nap. 🙂


I won!


Look what I just won from Will Terry via Angela Matteson’s blog. So incredibly cool. I love Will’s artwork – the lighting is fabulous. I had the pleasure to see his original artwork in person a few years ago. The best job ever – I was working at a local graphic design firm on a project with Harcourt School Publishers. My job was to hire illustrators, send them manuscripts/studio sketches and then receive their final art and get it ready for the publisher. I’ll never forget the amazing work Will created. The story was about a fox with a stinky, rotten fish. So funny!

And as if that wasn’t enough to win in one day, I also won a portfolio critique with David Diaz at the Austin SCBWI Conference in February through The Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels. Sa-weet! Update: I also won a spot at the illustrator intensive with Julian Hector at the Austin SCBWI conference through Mark Mitchell’s blog! Extra Sa-Weet!!!

IF: Chickens


Here’s a sketch for the illustration Friday theme of Chickens. I love Jannie Ho’s artwork, and since she suggested the theme, I really wanted to create something too. No time for color this week, but here are my baseball fans gearing up for spring training. Let’s Go (Free) Rangers!!! ^_^

And since we’re on the chicken theme, here’s my Halloween costume from last year. It was fun to be a chicken for a day! (The costume is made from white paper napkins hot glued onto shorts & long sleeve t-shirt) BAWK! BAWK!

My Gameplan for 2011


I’ve got a big list of plans for 2011, so I think I will try to summarize them here to prevent boredom from anyone even remotely interested. Here goes:

1. Surround myself with more positive/motivated people. Whether it’s in illustration or fitness, I NEED to be around those who are jumping in with both feet and rockin’ it out. It does make a big difference in life.

2. Create more art. Whether for IF, jobs, or portfolio, I want to create more, and post on this blog more too.
2.5 Create an art licensing portfolio. I feel really drawn to this side of the art world. This is the year I create collections and get to know the art licensing world. I’d also love to go to Surtex and see what’s up.

3.Attend more SCBWI/art licensing events/conferences/Beachbody events. This pretty much goes along with 1&2 above.

4.Learn more. I want to add more texture into my work. I think I will need to know more about Photoshop to make that happen. Taking time to learn & play is key.

5.Write! I grew up with dreams of being a writer, but pushed that aside to pursue illustration. I’d love to work on that more and create both.

6. Help others make health & fitness a priority. In addition to illustration, I’m also a Beachbody coach. I know that it has made a huge difference in my physical & emotional health by eating right & exercising daily. I’d love to help people understand that feeling and incorporate it into their daily lives as well. With good health & fitness, anything is possible. Maybe start up a fit club in my area.

7. Work with art reps. I know that the economy & the publishing world are both recovering still, so there may or may not be an opportunity open to actually sign on with an art rep. However, I have worked with a couple on a per job basis, and loved it. So, under contract or not, I want to work with an art rep. It has been a very joyful experience for me.

8. Be more organized. Yes, the office is a bit cluttered, and it’s tough to juggle illustration, Beachbody, my job as a preschool aide, and family life, but I’m determined. I want to make sure there isn’t time being wasted (very often).

9. Home improvement projects for 2011. I always have several – painting, garden/sitting area in backyard, new curtains, carpet, etc. I would also like to get someone to widen the closet in my office so it will be easily accessible. (wide closet + only 1 door = I can’t reach all the way in to the ends.)

10.Travel. This world is amazing. I want to see more of it up close. I’m putting it out there in the universe. I want to go to England. (An invite to the Royal Wedding would be lovely.) I am also determined to attend the SCBWI conference in LA this summer, which I’ve never been to so that qualifies in several categories of my 2011 gameplan.