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Here’s an illustration I created for Ripple. It’s the blog that artist, Kelly Light, created to raise money for the animals affected by the oil spill in the gulf. Each ATC is only $10, and she’s already raised over $4,000!! Way to go, Kelly!! Check it out, there are some amazing artists contributing.

It’s so sad what these animals are going through. I wish we could hurry and (stop the oil leak), clean up the water, and then give them each a nice bubble bath/spa day. Sponsor a bubble bath by buying an ATC at Ripple today! 🙂


I’m a Beachbody Coach!


I wanted to let you know about my latest adventure. I’m a Coach for Beachbody. I’m actually more of a fitness motivator because I don’t actually train people how to workout – a coach sounds like I should be making people run laps while I blow my whistle at them. I just like to motivate and share great products.

I’ve been using BB products for a few months now. I started with Turbo Jam (LOVE it!) and then started Chalean Extreme too, which is all about lifting weights and building muscle. (Did you know that lack of muscle is the reason your metabolism slows – not aging?!!) I’ve also added Shakeology which is a meal replacement shake. It’s nothing like Slimfast – Shakeology actually tastes great, is very filling, and has so many great things in it that it’s like going to the salad bar 5 times in one drink! Can’t beat that!

I’m an illustrator, so why am I promoting all this healthy/fitness stuff? Well, this year I lost 2 friends from cancer. One was a highschool friend who was 42, and the other was a friend for the past 12 years who was only 40. I saw so much courage and positive attitudes from them. Just incredible spirit. I started to be even more grateful for my good health & my family. God gave me this healthy body, and I shouldn’t just sit around and complain about my flabby waist or that I was tired all the time . . . year after year. Shame on me! I needed to get off my duff and move! Each day I exercise I’m honoring those who aren’t able to (and we know there are plenty who wish they could). When I do the cool down, I thank God for this gift. It makes me feel amazing.

I have to tell ya, since I’ve been exercising & drinking Shakeology, I have had a ton more energy. I typically wake up at 6am and start exercising by 6:30am. I look forward to my workouts because Chalene Johnson (the trainer in both DVDs) is so much fun. Turbo Jam truly is like a party in a box. I have a delicious chocolate Shakeology for breakfast and start my day off right. No excuses. Are you tired of making excuses or tired of being unhappy with how you feel? Check out my Beachbody page. Look at the videos, see what workout programs excites you (P90X is the #1 fitness DVD in the country for 3 years in a row!), and shoot me and email if you have any questions. If you just need some motivation, email me. I enjoy motivating people to reach their goals whether it’s with their art career or fitness goals.

You know, you have the power inside you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to! Go for it!!

Taking Flight: I ROCK!


On Sunday, I started flight lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts. No, I’m not a pilot. It’s an ecourse that’s helping me spread my creative wings and fly in my own way. We’re a fun online community of artists who are all working through issues together. So far, we’re tackling fears, issues over self-worth, childhood baggage, etc. Things that make you feel stuck. One of the exercises was to declare proudly to the world who you are. Kelly suggested writing it on your body, but I decided to take a t-shirt and write it out. (I added a few more after the picture was taken – you know, I’ve always got to nit-pick until I think it’s finished.) I have a tendancy to have what I call “Chronic Eyeore Syndrome”. That’s when I start getting down on myself and pile on the negativity. My friend, Sylvia, calls me on it all the time. “Oh, there’s Eyeore again.” I’ve gotta stop that “Stinkin’ Thinkin’!!” So, I’m going to use this shirt when I workout, when I’m feeling down, and when Eyeore pops in to spoil the party. Take that, Eyeore!!