Monthly Archives: June 2007

IF: Camouflage


Here is an illustration inspired by my son who likes to play army.

IF: Rejection


Wendall just couldn’t compete with Trevor Tarantula when it came to Miss Cate’s affection. She preferred ballroom dancing, and alas, poor Wendall could only do “the worm”.

Here’s a quick illustration for rejection. Personally, I hate tarantulas, so I’m not sure what Miss Cate was thinking. Maybe she has a thing for bad boys.

IF: Suit


Oh the humiliation of having to wear a chicken suit for the grand opening of The Clucky Chicken! Larry was mortified, but the kids sure seemed to enjoy it.

Here’s my illustration for the theme “suit”. I missed the deadline by a day or two, but wanted to post it anyway. I always wonder what those poor folks, who are forced to wear chicken suits at fast food restaurants, are thinking. Maybe this guy will go on to a more lucrative mascot deal – as the San Diego Chicken???

IF – Paradise


Okay, so this isn’t the typical “Paradise” image for the theme, but, when I was a kid I always wanted a puppy on Christmas morning. That would have been my paradise as a child. Now that I’m all grown up, paradise would involve sandy beaches and George Clooney . . . oh wait, that’s more of a fantasy. Well, I couldn’t very well draw that one, could I?!