Illustration Friday: "Popularity"


Sandy was one of the most popular bears in the forest. Unfortunately, her little sister, Doris, wasn’t all that impressed with Sandy’s attention. Repeat after me, little Doris, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And, doggone it, people like me.” ^__^




I did a few sketches of possible eyes for my style. I tend to go back & forth between big eyes, or black dots, so I thought I’d see which I felt fit my style best. Kind of a fun little exercise. Have you ever explored the possibilies?

The Diabetic Camper


I was recently asked to create a blog banner for The Diabetic Camper – a blog by our Boyscout Scoutmaster, Dave Hennesey. He wanted some type of camper made from either a insulin syringe/bottle or something diabetic-related. My sketch of the bottle guy looked more like a marshmallow on a stick (also very “camperish” but not diabetic). So, we came up with “Blood drop dude” who is happily camping in the woods. I gave him a beard to look like Dave, and then did a version of Dave with a normal head & healthy complexion – just in case the blood drop dude confused his blog readers.

Dave the blood drop dude won out. 🙂

Take a visit over there for all sorts of fun info. Dave’s a hoot. 🙂